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Analysis of different tapering techniques for efficient radiation pattern

Sayedu Khasim Noorbasha, Y. Murali Krishna, Jagadeesh Thati, M. Venkata Subbarao


Array antennas offer a wide range of opportunities in the variation of their directivity patterns through amplitude and phase control. Peak side lobe levels may be reduced via amplitude control or weighting across the array aperture. Several authors have made significant contributions in detailing processes for synthesizing these aperture amplitude distributions for the purpose of side lobe level control. One of the basic trades-offs when implementing amplitude weighting functions is that a trade between low side lobe levels and a loss in main beam directivity always results. In this paper we are implemented and compare the Binomial array, Dolph-Tchebyscheff array and Taylor-Line Source array antennas. Descriptions of the amplitude tapers and their utility will be presented


Tapering, Binomial array, Dolph-Tchebyscheff array, Taylor-Line Source array, Side lobe level

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v8i5.863


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