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A status report on ongoing quality assurance measurements in contemporary radiology

A. Papathymiou, G. Fotiadis, C. Housein, G. Manousaridis, Basile Spyropoulos


Dosimetric and other Quality Assurance related measurements in contemporary Radiology are inevitable, in order to ensure image-optimization, combined with Patient-safety enhancement. Therefore, we have set-up a program of relevant parameter measurements in Diagnostic Radiology, concerning various types of equipment, installed in Hospitals and other facilities, in the Attica district. In this first phase of the project, the measurements have been focused on following Radiology equipment, mostly after major service or repair. Simple X-ray Radiography systems with Bucky, Fluoroscopy Systems, Analogue Mammography systems (MoRh Anode and Mo-Rh-Al filters), Digital Mammography with solid-state detectors, Dental X-ray equipment and CBCT. Extended High-voltage, Current, Energy spectra, Primary and Scattered Radiation Exposure free-air, Absorbed-dose etc. measurements have been carried out and documented, according to the Manufacturers’ and/or Radiation Protection Guidelines and Protocols; a short report of the results of this ongoing project is presented in this pape


X-Ray Dosimetry, X-Ray Spectrometry, High-voltage measurements, Current measurements

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v9i4.800


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