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Diminish the Extent of e-Government project collapse with fault tolerance

Bhupendra Jigna PrajapatI, Nilesh Modi


Information and communication technologies have a significant budding to help to meet good governance goals in especially in developing countries. eGovernment is a global project of technology transfer, taking designs from one context into a different context and resulting in empowerment of the citizens and increased transparency in public dealings. eGovernment can make a valuable contribution to development, yet it could not possible up to expectation. The study focuses many aspects of eGovernment Project Failure and its issues. The gaps between various entities involved in eGovernment Project have been analyzed. The main root of any project failure is depends upon the faults resided at the system. Here software faults tolerance techniques applied to achieve high reliability and availability to reduce the eGovernment Project Failure

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v7i4.788


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