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Biodegradation of phenol using pure and mixed Culture Bacteria

V. Sankar Cheela, G. Santhosh Kumar, D. V. Padma, Ch. V. Subbarao


Present study is aimed at biodegradation of phenol using pure and mixed culture bacteria. The experiments are carried out at ambient temperature and near neutral pH for 100mg/liter and 200mg/liter phenol concentrations. The Biomass growth and the removal efficiency for both cultures have been established. The time required for complete removal of phenol using pure culture was found to be higher than that of mixed culture for both concentrations of phenol considered. The lag phases for biomass growth for mixed as well pure culture have been established. Considering the problems associated with pure culture, use of mixed culture in place of pure culture is proposed


Phenol, Bacteria, pure and mixed culture, biomass growth

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v9i2.757


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