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Atorvastatin Calcium nanoparticles using solvent-anti-solvent precipitation method

Nirav Kotadiya, Bhupendra Jigna PrajapatI, Sankha Bhattacharya


Atorvastatin is used for lowering cholesterol. Atorvastatin calcium has a poor bioavailability of 12% after oral administration. To improvise bioavailability, nanoparticles had been designed by anti-solvent precipitation method using optimized 6 stabilizers of varying concentration of Poloxomer-188, HPMC-E5, PVP K-30, PVA, SLS, and Tween-80. The studies reviled, optimized AT37 batch nanoparticles had good drug loading capacity, good liquid state stability (30>) and average particle size was found to be after spray drying 133.5nm. Spray dryad particles were used for short term stability studies along with in-vitro and in vivo release studies. It was concluded that anti-solvent precipitation followed by spray drying of nanosuspensionas a method can enhance the dissolution and oral bioavailability of poorly soluble drug like atorvastatin calcium.


Atorvastatin calcium, spray dryad nanoparticles, lyophilisation, PVP K-30

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v11i4.3109


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