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Three layer model for blood flow in small vessels

Rekha Bali, Swati Mishra, P. N. Tandon


A three layer model consisting of a core and a region of suspension of the erythrocytes in plasma (fluid) of viscosity and a peripheral layer of cell free plasma layer has been proposed in this paper to represent blood flow in small capillary and compared with the two fluid model (Casson fluid model) and particle fluid mixture model of V. P. Srivastava. For three layer as well as casson fluid model equation of motion and equation of continuity for different regions are solved using analytical methods. The analytical results obtained in the proposed model for effective viscosity, velocity profile and flow rate for different values of hematocrit has been presented and discussed. Results are similar to those obtained by Particle fluid mixture of V.P.srivastava

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v11i1.3094


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