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Legalization of income from criminal activities and the confrontation of phenomenon in the banking branch

Θεόδωρος Καραδήμας, Παναγιώτα Καραδήμα


The current society which is possessed by the release of world markets, the ceaseless transport of capital and workers, as well as the rapid diffusion of technological realizations, they helped catalytic in the realization of changes that until now struck unthinkable. The reason becomes, for the more general change of society, the economy and most general would say life and action of persons. This because, with the opening of markets it was rendered possible is achieved also the opening of societies with the parallel change of our culture from the closely local limits, in worldwide. This more general climate of change , was helped by the states, which provided important help to the said multinational companies, that included economic, technological and naturally legal facilitations. Besides, good it is are pointed out the fact that, the more general opening of markets and easier economic infiltration by a country in a other, it encouraged the growth and simultaneous extension of criminal energies as the legalization of income from illegal economic activities, phenomenon that is many times over reported also as rinsing of money. In this morbid situation, contributed catalytic and factors as the diffusion of new technologies and naturally the inter-country agreements that forecasted freedom of movements for the economic action in world level henceforth. With few reasons, with the businessmen which practice legal enterprising action, they are encouraged in extend their action and businessmen that practice illegal economic activities. The organized crime, apart from the erosion that it involves in a society and in her members, constitutes a serious threat for the order operation of financier system, so much in world, what in international level. For the restriction and the progressive obliteration of phenomenon, for their part the states, in national and in world level, have proceeded in the establishment of laws, capable they constitute brake in these activities. For their part now the financier institutions, attempt they check the rinsing of money, with the application of modern informative systems, the continuous education of their employees in questions of economic crime, the application of rules of right the national but also world right and finally with the continuous collaboration with other financing institutions in regard to questions of transmission of knowledge in the better fighting of cases of economic crime. In the present inquiring effort, is attempted the investigation of extent of phenomenon in national level but also in international. Still, important gravity has been given, in the analysis of used methods from the side of National Bank of Greece, which constitutes the more powerful banking organism in our country. Taking into consideration all more,
it is attempted are studied thoroughly the third economy, her reasons and naturally are given her explicit ways of fighting


Money laundering, volume of money laundering, economic crime, persecutory authorities, banks, increased necessary assiduity

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DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v11i1.3088


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