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Design and Implementation of a Geographical Information System for Soil Data

Θ. Ανδρεάδης, Στέφανος Γκούμας


This paper aims to highlight the importance of G.I.S. as well as the implementation of a Geographic Information System for soil data, which in combination with the existing legislation, is published online as a Web application. The application data come from both online sources and from the digitization of analog data. For the implementation of the application the ArcGIS for Desktop was used for formatting the data and the ArcGIS Online for hosting and sharing. This application is accessible and open to everybody and aims to provide information to the public.


Geographical Information System (GIS), Soil data, ArcGIS

Full Text: PDF (ελληνικά)

DOI: 10.18780/e-jst.v10i5.3083


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