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Exploring the Effects of Organizational Culture on Collaborative vs. Competitive Knowledge Sharing Behaviors

Hanan Abdulla Mohammed Al Mehairi, Norhayati Zakaria


The objective of this paper is to explore the impact organizational culture on knowledge sharing behaviors at workplace. In specific, we are interested to investigate two types of employee knowledge sharing behaviors which are known as collaborative and competitive behaviors. We will apply Hofstedeā€™s (1984) theoretical lens based on four different organizational cultural dimensions to understand the ways those dimensions impact the two varied knowledge sharing behaviors. For example, we aim at exploring the assumption that knowledge sharing works best in a collective context, or where there is a collaborative culture within organizations. In contrast, elements of individualism and uneven power structures within the organization can hinder knowledge sharing behavior. As a concluding remark, we propose a framework of culturally-oriented knowledge sharing behaviors with numerous propositions to be tested in the future study


Knowledge sharing behavior, organizational culture, collaborative behavior, competitive behavior, Hofstede

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