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Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Education: Some Evidence from GreeceSustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Higher Education: Some Evidence from Greece

Anastasios Sepetis, Fotios Rizos


The scientific community strongly argues that companies that implement proper business strategies and their legal regulation can be economically benefited by the social (or moral) and environmental (or ecological) innovation. In this aspect, the scientific and academic knowledge that is provided by educational institutions, along with the integration of environmental, social and sustainable management policies, will supply the future graduates with the necessary provisions in order to meet the need of the market. During the last two decades, the fields of corporate social responsibility and environmental protection have been covered by a numerous academic departments and educational institutions and there can be found in the International, and in our case, in the Greek Higher Education. Meanwhile, activities of non-typical education along with other educational processes have developed and their purpose is the promotion of social responsibility in the previous institutions. In this study, it is going to be presented the efforts as well as the interventions that have been made in national level and have as outer goal the connection of business society with universities, so that to promote sustainable development


Corporate social responsibility; education for sustainability; higher education curriculum; intellectual and moral leadership; management/ business schools; resistance to change; stakeholders; sustainability; sustainability and CSR learning programs

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