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Strategies Implemented and Sources Used for the Acquisition of Information on Foreign Markets

Myropi Garri, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Michail Bekiaris


This paper observes on the sources of information used or not used by Greek internationalized manufacturing companies, in order to trace foreign market opportunities and insights into functions of foreign marketplaces, and the subsequent relevant strategies followed by these companies, as well as the special features that characterize and discern them. Factor analysis recognises two groups of information sources regarding foreign markets, named “institutional sources” and “inter-organizational and market cooperations’ sources”. Cluster analysis classifies companies into two groups, the “aggressive information acquisition strategy adopting” and the “passive information acquisition strategy adopting”. Discriminant analysis and logistic regression revealed in most cases weak discriminating effects, with some interesting exceptions, that mainly have to do with internationalization intensity and the existence and implementation of outward looking strategies and commitment to the internationalization vision


Foreign market information, Strategy

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