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Conflicts Between the IT Manager and the Software House after the Strategic Choice of Outsourcing of the Information Processes in Maritime Companies

Anthi Vaxevanou, Nikolaos Konstantopoulos, Damianos Sakas


One of the basic actions of maritime companies intended for outsourcing is the creation of management information material using the appropriate software. It is not disputed that almost all the shipowning companies have at least one IT manager, whose training is diverse. However, it is not a given that an IT manager is aware of difficulties that may arise in IT projects. The software house tries to sell the same or similar software to all shipowning companies in order to avoid increased costs, which would be caused by the custom modifications. The above practices often lead to conflict between the two parties with the result that the management of valuable information material for the shipowning company is risked


Conflict, Servicing, Outsourcing, Information management

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