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Investigation of the Degradation Mechanisms of Organic Materials: From Accelerated Ageing to Chemometric Studies

Ekaterini Malea, Effie Papageorgiou, Georgios Panagiaris


The most common way followed for the determination of degradation mechanisms of organic materials is the application of physicochemical methods after accelerated ageing. The disadvantage of this practice is the inability to control the effect of the combination of degradation factors in real time and in real conditions as it happens in burial environment, in museum environment or in open-air conditions. In recent years it has been noticed a remarkable research activity towards the development of alternative decay determination methods in organic materials based on statistics (Chemometric studies). The discipline of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art has not developed yet its own statistic tools therefore it borrows the statistical methods used in social sciences and biosciences. One could claim that biostatistics is the most appropriate to answer the questions of the Conservators because faces similar “cases”. At the same time it is necessary to establish a network of interested conservators/restorers and scientists and to build a central database containing all experimental data and software for all members of the network.


Conservation, Organic materials, Chemometric studies

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