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Attitudes of University Librarians and Information Scientists towards the Draft Code of Library Ethics to Present a Model for Final Library Ethical Codes

Mahsoomeh Latifi, Fatemeh Zandian, Hasan Siamian


This research performed to survey attitudes of Iranian Academic librarians and faculty members towards the draft code of library professional ethics for Iran. The researcher used the survey research methodology for this study. The researchers used two questionnaires for the analysis in this study. The researcher collected, analyzed, and reported data for a population of university librarians 445 in 33 governmental universities in seven provinces and 62 faculty members of library and information sciences from throughout governmental libraries. The questionnaire designed based on draft code for professional ethics of Iranian Library and Information Sciences Association used for data. According to the results of Mann Whitney U Test and Kruskal-Wallis test , there isn't meaningful differences between the views of faculty members with regard to sex, age, work experience, education, type of employment, since the meaningful level more than 0.05 mentioned in all items. Accordingly, hypothesis 1 was rejected. According to results of Mann Whitney U Test and Kruskal-Wallis test, and Independent One-Sample T-Test, there isn't meaningful differences between views of the academic librarians with sex, work experience, type of employment and job status. Since the meaningful level in all cases is more than p-value 0.05, accordingly hypothesis 2 was rejected


Code of ethics, Faculty members, Academic librarians, Attitude

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