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From Macro to Micro and from Micro to Nano: The Evolution of the Information Content Preservation of Biological Wet Specimen Collections

Nikolaos Maniatis, Georgios Panagiaris


The technological and scientific improvements of the past decades, such as the discovery and the possibility of DNA extraction, have upgraded the role of biological collections towards the social and scientific development. As result of that, the need for preservation of these collections has been a priority. Present work investigates the corrosion mechanism of fluid – preserved specimens by a comparative observation of samples that have been preserved in three different solutions (ethanol, neutral formalin and acetic acids-ethanol solution) followed by artificial corrosive environmental conditions of high temperature (50oC) and ultraviolet radiation, similar to those of a museum environment. The investigation of deterioration mechanisms, undertaken by observations and evaluation of nine criteria that describe the preservation status of the samples. The results of this research project can constitute a basic tool for the understanding of interaction mechanisms between the museum environmental conditions and the specimens, as well as a start for further investigation of subject.


Conservation, Wet specimen, biomolecules, biological collections

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