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The Survey of Skill, Attitude and Use of Computer and Internet among Faculty Members

Hasan Siamian, Azita Bala Ghafari, Kobra Aligolbandi, Mohammad Vahedi, Gholam Ali Golafshani Jooybari


Background and Purposes: Due to daily increasing of computer and internet application in Research and Education, using of computer and internet in educational settings are unavoidable and play important role in medical education. This study is done in order to determining of ratio of attitude, skill and performance of faculty members in using computer and internet in research educational affairs at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences.

Materials and Methods: The study is done in cross sectional study. A questionnaire, in 3 dimensions of attitude, skill, and usage, expert-reviewed and pilot-tested, was used to collect data from 124 faculty members coming from five faculties of Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, i.e. Medicine, Health, Pharmacy, Nursing and Midwifery and Paramedical Sciences. Data analyzed by 17th SPSS version software and descriptive, Spearman Correlation, central and Scattered Indices.

Results: 124 (58.21 %) of the faculty members of all the faculties at Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences participated in this study. Results showed that most of them (38.7%) in good skill level, (15.3 %) in average skill level, (11.3%) in weak skill level, and (29 %) in excellent skill level. About attitude dimension, faculty members had (58.9 %) in excellent level and (26.6%) in good level. About performance, faculty members had (41.9 %) in average level per week between 10-15 hours from computer and (33.9 %) in average per month more than 60 hours used Internet.

Conclusion: Most of the faculty members had positive attitude to computer and internet in medical education, but few of them hadn't enough knowledge and skill. Therefore, it is necessary to think about promotion of faculty members for promoting of their skills and performances for optimal use of computer and Internet in research and educational affairs. It is recommended to provide educational workshops based on needs and level of their needs due to knowledge, skill and usage Science for Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences’ faculty members, so they can gain from computer an Internet facilities and electronic databases


Attitudes toward the Internet, Skill, Practice, Computer Science, Faculty members, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Medical education

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