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From Medical Records to Health Knowledge Management Systems: The coding to health sector

Evangelia Lappa, Georgios Giannakopoulos


One of the most significant challenges in health care is the ability to effectively manage information. Information technology has already the potential role to transform the way work in the health care environmental. Health Information Management and Technology (IM&T) has been around for more than two decades. Both help clinicians to achieve better delivery of care. Medicine is too complex for any human to carry in one mind all of its knowledge, and to remember everything about each patient. Creating and indexing records for hospitals and health systems present difficult challenges, because the medical records contain sensitive information, and increasing computerization and other policy factors have increased threats to their privacy. Transforming from paper-based to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) allows healthcare providers to share information across their care ecosystem. Access to this digital lifeline, connecting the EMR to the digital web platforma, is critical to saving lives, preventing medical errors and improving efficiency of healthcare delivery. Information Technology is an answer to that, a vital element of better delivery of care is to ensure that the patient is always at the centre of our attention


Electronic Medical records, Health Information management, ICD codes, Hospital information systems

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