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Practices of “Local” Repositories of Legally Protected Immovable Monuments - A Global Scheme for ‘Designation – Significance’ Information

Michail Agathos, Sarantos Kapidakis


The existence of historic building records in “paper fiches” is a reality and constitutes a rich store of information about the past, some of it unique. In this article we present the results of a survey aimed to discover the current practices for recording historic buildings, mainly from services of the Greek public sector. At the same time this work focuses on metadata elements used for the description of “designation”69 information of legally protected monuments. In order to reduce syntactic and semantic heterogeneity for this type of information that revealed from the above survey we developed a metadata schema that enables efficient (and global) descriptions for designated monuments


Historic building records, Immovable monuments, Metadata standards, Monument, inventories, Architectural heritage, Designation information, Protected monuments, Metadata schema, Semantic interoperability

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