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Integrated Access to Cultural Heritage Information Pieces in Iran Astan- Quds Razavi's Organization of Libraries, Museums and Documents center: A Theory of Unionization Disparate Information Assets over Imam Reza's Zarih

Mitra Zarei, Maliheh Farrokhnia


Information systems preserve and provide access to primary information sources, scientific information and literature. Among these systems libraries, museums and archives are known as memory institutions, which preserve cultural heritage information and objects. These systems overlap some duties in preparing information sources. Libraries hold a number of museums objects and archives documents such as manuscripts or engraving plates and museums or archives hold a number of library objects such as typical books or DVDs that may be about museum objects or archive documents. Such an interrelationship should definitely be integrated in common information storage or at least virtually integrated through mediation devices that allow a query to be simultaneously launched on distinct information depositories which again requires common semantic tools. Mediation tools and semantic web activities require an integrated, shared ontology for the information accumulated by libraries, museums and archives for all the collections that they hold from highly standardize products such as books, DVDs, etc to raw materials such as stones, plants or draft manuscripts. In this paper, we will present the interrelationship of multidisciplinary information sources gathered in Astan Quds Razavi organization of libraries, museums and documentation center which is included among the most important art and cultural heritage center in Iran and Islamic world


Memory institute, Cultural heritage preservation, Object oriented ontology, Accessibility integrated information, Astan Quds razavi organization of libraries, Museums and documentation center

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