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Digital libraries’ Developers and their Suitability: A Case Study

Maria Monopoli


This paper concentrates on evaluating thesuitability of those who are involved in the developmentof digital libraries. Specifically, it aims to study thesystem analysts; those who are responsible forgathering system requirements, with the goal ofdetermining how these requirements will beaccommodated in the system. For this purpose,extensive communication between end-users andanalysts is essential in order first to gather and then toanalyze and understand end-users’ information needs. Acase study conducted attempting to evaluate thedevelopers of the Social Science Information Gateway(SOSIG). SOSIG is an online catalogue of Internetresources on subjects related to social sciences. Resultsshowed that there was a differentiation in the answersprovided by end-users and the project manager, thoughit would be naïve to conclude that the project managerof SOSIG was not aware of users’ information needs


Digital libraries, Evaluation, Systems developers

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