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Open Source Web Applications. How it Spread through the Internet and their Contribution to Education

Dimitrios Nasiopoulos, Damianos Sakas, Konstantinos Masselos


Open Source Web Applications are all those applications that are accessible through the World Wide Web, and also their source code is open to anyone who wants to participate in their amendment. The benefits of the World Community from these applications are enormous. The use of open source applications begins already at school. At University it doesn't create just users, but develops students’ programming skills. At the same time, it promotes and contributes to the research conducted by the academic community. Later, in the workplace, these applications are always useful and can help in all areas of daily work as well as in the development of a company. It's very important that the open source applications promote cooperation and exchange of knowledge between people, through discussion groups(forum), since they allow the simultaneous work. Furthermore, the benefits are economic as well, since it can be saved a great amount of financial resources, that would be spent for the purchase of the necessary software licenses.


Dynamic simulation models, Open source web applications, Web 2.0, Education

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