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Free Software – Open Source Software. A Powerful Tool for Developing Creativity in the Hands of the Student

Dimitrios Nasiopoulos, Damianos Sakas, Konstantinos Masselos


Free Software / Open Source Software (FS/OSS) is a tool for the entire academic community. Its role can often prove to be indispensable in the field of Education. May be the perfect example of how research leads to the final tool for use, which is one of the key purposes of Universities. For students, it doesn't just create users, but develops their programming skills. In the academic community, it promotes and contributes to research and last but not least, the free distribution of the source code[1] helps to improve the final product of the companies which active in the field of IT, and the visibility of the manufacturer. The business community can find the scientists of future generations that seeks, create research and make educated professionals, through the field of University and education of free software[2]. Furthermore, there are major economic benefits, due to the lack of need to spend financial resources for purchase of software to Universities


Dynamic simulation models, Free software / Open source software, Education

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