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New Political Communication Practices: No Budget Events Management. The New Challenge

Evangelia Markaki, Damianos Sakas, Theodore Chadjipantelis


In this paper we focus on the development of politicians’ fame and image connecting politics, public relations and socially directed practices with financial characteristics such as budget. We examine how socially directed practices with minimal or no budget can become a useful tool for the “advertisement” of political persons as a modern tool of political communication. In this paper we use a dynamic model of simulation through no budget event management in order to combine all these practices. Through concrete action we annihilate the economic cost and break away the advertizing campaign from companies sponsoring that so much in the past as today can influence political decisions. Our basic purpose is the effective organization of events with social orientation and social sensitivity. We aim, through the social sensitization and help, at increasing a political person’s fame and popularity so that he will be supported by more voters and finally elected without and away from companies’ sponsoring and interests


Political communication, Management, public relations, Corporate social responsibility, Budget

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