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The Role of Information and Disinformation in the Establishment of the Mongolian Empire – A Re-examination of the 13th century Mongolian History from the Viewpoint of Information History

Márton Gergő Vér


The topic of this article is a reinterpretation of the establishment of the Mongolian Empire from an information history point of view. At the beginning of the 13th century Genghis Khan united the nomadic Mongolian tribes and established the largest inland empire, never before seen in history. The borders of the new state reached from China in the East and the Carpathians in the West. Research over the past 200 years based the success of this vast empire on many reasons including the nomadic military organization as well as the favorable political situation of that time. In the following I will demonstrate the fact that the role of information and disinformation in this subject was utmost importance


Military intelligence, Diplomacy, Mongolian Empire, Military technology, Postal system

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