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Providing Access to Students with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties in Higher Education through a Secure Wireless Framework

Catherine Marinagi, Christos Skourlas


In this paper we focus on the design and implementation of adaptive learning environments in Higher Education, accessible by students with disabilities and learning difficulties. Assistive technology, and especially mobile learning, is used for the establishment of the communication between learner and teacher, mainly, in the mainstream class. We discuss the establishment and operation of parallel “assistive” classes for specific topics and specific groups of students and needs. The architecture of Secure Wireless Infrastructures and Personalized Educational Learning Environments (SWI_PELE) is also presented and the collaboration of such environments is discussed. This architecture includes a scheme of servers and incorporates wireless infrastructure, and personalized, multimedia based educational course material. Mobile devices and PDA’s are integrated in educational scenarios to support various activities, such as giving lectures in the mainstream class, attending classes, working in the laboratory and participating in assessments and exams


Adaptive learning, Personalized learning, Architecture for educational technology systems

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