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The Department of Library Science and Information Systems is part of the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens. It is the oldest in the country and maintains the highest degree of entries of similar departments. The Department was evaluated and accredited in 2011. The Department maintains a high standard of studies and offers educational services to students, while it is engaged in research programs at both national and European level. Part of the Department is the newly founded research lab “Information management”.

The Department aims at promoting the field of Information Science by incorporating the new trends in the field, the technological advances that set the platform for information production, management and distribution and strive for quality in education.

The E-publisher

The Technological Education Institute of Athens is actively engaged in e-publishing activities by providing the necessary infrastructure and training to its members to create e-Journals, E-Books and host conferences in e-platform. TEI of Athens e-publishing service aims to aggregate, organize, disseminate online and preserve scholarly and educational content in a single platform providing a state of the art infrastructure.

Technological Education Institute of Athens

The application for presenting electronic journals TEI developed within subproject 2 "electronic publishing service" the Act "Development Services Digital Library of TEI" and financed by the operational program "Digital Convergence", NSRF 2007-2013.